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5 Great Ways to Improve Sales Conversion Rate

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This Article is whole heartedly an Inspiration for the healthcare industry on How To Improve The Sales Conversion, read till the end for the best tip and you will like it for sure!

If you are selling a product or offering a service, whether of any kind, leads conversion is crucial to your business. If you set yourself a target to increase your sales by 20%, this can be done in several ways for example by increasing awareness, spending more on advertising, hiring more sales people, meeting more clients or by increasing your conversion rate.

Say you have a conversion rate of 10% which means that you convert 10 clients per 100. Now if you can convert 12 clients per 100 as compared to 10, you would achieve your target of 20% increased sales without investing more. That is the power of conversion. But how can that be done! Let’s read more.

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Improving Sales Conversion Tip #1
Give a Great Demo

Before you go to give a demo to a client, be prepared. You should go through the client website and know how your product can help them grow. You should rehearse well and practice everything in advance.

Over confidence can actually be a spoil sport. Even an interested client would not opt for your product if you don’t answer the query even though your product does.This leaves the customer into a dilemma.

Now he does not know whether you did not prepare well for the demo or your product is crap. In either of the situation, the customer will put himself in a risk if he goes to buy your product. Put yourself in his shops and you will believe what I am saying.

Improving Sales Conversion Tip #2
Awareness Vs Interest

The more complicated or expensive your product is, the more time the buyer will take to buy it. There is an AIDA process which the customer subconsciously goes through before making the purchase. The process is explained in the picture. Through your marketing campaigns or your sales call have to pass the customer from all these 4 stages to successfully convert your lead.

Firstly make your customer aware about your product by a compelling brochure. Drive interest and show how will support him in case you are required after the purchase. Testimonials are a great way to do that.

Improving Sales Conversion Tip #3
Provide Enough Information 

If you assume you can sell an expensive product just buy few bullet points, you should get out of your slumber. While looking to buy an expensive product, customers plan their purchases. In all these planned purchases, customers take time to read more about your product and other available options.

They will visit your store and try to get more information. They will visit review websites for more and more neutral information and reviews about your product. Thus you need to provide every minute detail about your product on your website like neutral reviews, pictures and technical specifications without overloading the site with information.

Although only 15% of the readers will go to this in depth reading, but a big chunk of those 15% are the ones who will go and purchase the product. Others might feel as if all their queries have been answered while reading half the detail about the product which again is good.

Improving Sales Conversion Tip #4
Develop Sales Skills

Your organization will improve only if your employees keep learning. The organization can and should organize learning events from time to time where they sharp their sales people’s skills. This also keeps the employees motivated because their perception about the employer becomes positive.

Yet, the easiest method to learn is through peers. But when your employees do not want to share their knowledge as they feel insecure, their learning phase really slows down.

Thus it is very important that you have the right people who are open to sharing knowledge amongst themselves. So when you are recruiting, the parameter of being open to knowledge sharing has to be amongst the top if you want to develop a learning organization in the long run.

Improving Sales Conversion Tip #5
Remove Risks by Guarantee

When you have answered all the queries and the customer is satisfied with your answers, there is still a risk of ‘What if the product still not works after the purchase’. Then you should add guarantee to quench that risk factor.

30 days money back guarantee is an industry standard and customer expect this. How they perceive it is that if there is a guarantee, it must be working. As otherwise they can anyways return it or get a refund.

I hope you liked the information and will try to improvise these tips in your business for better sales. If you have any questions or queries please post a comment below and I would love to help you out 🙂 

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Until next time, Good Luck & Good Bye …
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